Throughout the firm’s advancement from a start-up small business to 8(a) program participation to 8(a) graduation, LGC’s leadership has remained constant. Many of the executives, managers, and support and field staff have been together since the beginning providing stability, continuity, and familiarity with projects and clients.

<strong>Shashidhar Shastri</strong>
Shashidhar ShastriPresident and CEO
Mr. Shastri has 31 years of program and project management experience in the design and construction of large-scale power plants and other industrial facilities in both the U.S. and overseas. Mr. Shastri has worked on a variety of power generation projects including the design and construction of boilers, turbines, and other ancillary equipment. His experience includes fossil fuel, biomass, oil and gas, and nuclear power plants. As President and CEO of LGC Global Inc., Mr. Shastri oversees all ongoing projects ensuring client satisfaction while closely monitoring resource allocation, schedule adherence, cost control, and quality of performance.
Sarah ArnoldCorporate Counsel
Seasoned law professional with 18 years’ experience in corporate counsel; possessing in-depth knowledge and experience in litigation, government contracting, construction documentation, contract management, compliance, and employment law. Ms. Arnold directs the human resource and legal departments. She is responsible for drafting, negotiating, and managing a myriad of U.S. Government Department of Defense prime construction contracts as well as offering legally compliant and commercially focused business strategies and risk mitigation services to project managers, executives, and other stakeholders relative to contract terms, insurance, business and business development strategy, international business environments, and changes in laws and regulations.
<strong>Cheryl Holley-Stanton</strong>
Cheryl Holley-StantonGeneral Manager - Physical Plant Operations
Mrs. Holley-Stanton began her career as an engineer shoveling coal and pulling ash from some of the oldest boilers within the Detroit Public Schools system more than 25 years ago. She is the General Manager of Engineering and Maintenance for LGC Facility Management. With a keen eye to detail, organization and team building skills, she manages facilities and budgets, hires and nurtures front-line and supervisory team members and handles with care the infrastructures and building occupants. Her proven history makes her a valuable physical plant leader.
<strong>George Rayes</strong>
George RayesProject Manager
Mr. Rayes possesses more than 30 years of construction, project management, and design experience providing construction management and engineering services to municipal and institutional clients on various types of utility and infrastructure projects. His specialty disciplines include civil engineering, water distribution systems, and water treatment systems, with a strong emphasis in the performance of construction management. For more than 25 years Mr. Rayes performed civil and environmental engineering consulting services as an employee of the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.
<strong>Elizabeth Scalzo</strong>
Elizabeth ScalzoProposal Manager
Ms. Scalzo possesses more than 18 years’ experience in residential and commercial construction including due diligence documentation, permitting, site utilities, regulatory compliance, and procedural development. Her government contracting experience includes 8 years in proposal management and contract administration roles with firms representing numerous socio-economic categories. As Proposal Manager, Elizabeth leads proposal efforts in the Federal, State, and Municipal Government arenas. She is also responsible for ensuring compliance with client bid and proposal requirements.