Our History

LGC Global has a long proven history in the fields of Construction, Water / Wastewater Infrastructure Development, Oil & Gas Infrastructure Development, Integrated Facility Management, Environmental Services and Construction Management that dates back to 1994.

The LGC leaders, managers, skilled field staff and corporate support have been the key to our longevity in Federal, Municipal, Oil and Gas & Integrated Facility Management sectors. Throughout the years, our staff has seen very few changes, resulting in consistent staffing and reliable service.

As with most general contractors and design-builders, LGC’s project success is achieved by the assembly of consortiums brought together with the express intent to choose team members based on their specialties, experience, location, and previous working relationships. As such, LGC has access to reputable designers, engineers, specialty tradespersons and suppliers who are experienced in the government contracting fields.

Considering the complex systems being implemented for municipal and military installations (technology that is so new) they seek out the progressive, knowledgeable companies that enable them to offer new construction innovations and technologies to provide predictable, reliable and collaborative services.

In addition, our Mentor Protégé joint ventures allow us to perform on specialized, construction contracts in both public and private sectors, emphasizing self-performance and small business alliances. Local to Detroit, we have a long working history with the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD), Detroit Public Schools (DPSCD), and the City of Detroit. DWSD, the third largest provider of high quality drinking water and wastewater treatment services in the United States, provides water and waste water services to the city of Detroit and 127 neighboring suburban communities.

Locally, we have built strong working relationships with municipal departments in cities throughout southeast Michigan. Our employees are knowledgeable of the neighborhoods and have a proven track record of understanding the safety, quality, budget and community concerns involved in large scale infrastructure improvement projects.

Demonstrating LGC’s military construction experience is a couple decade-long relationship with USACE Kansas City District and McConnell AFB’s 22nd Contracting Squadron. LGC Global, under several ID/IQ-type contracts, has worked closely with the several US Military bases.

We have successfully worked on several civil, construction, renovation, and repair task orders. Our CCASS ratings for those projects evidence a high level of client satisfaction with our performance, with greater than 80% of ratings at “Above Average” or “Outstanding”.
LGC embraces alliances with architecture, engineering, and advanced technology leaders to deliver a comprehensive suite of services to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Success did not come to us one bright sunny morning. We have grown ever since we were a small business entity way back in our inception year. Today we have a complete team of 300+ employees – each nurturing the vision of the Company to rise to heights that is an exclusive first only in LGC Global.

Achievements have become our way of life. With an unmatched blend of sophisticated technology and expertise in Construction, Water/Wastewater Infrastructure Development, Oil & Gas Infrastructure Development, Environmental Services, or Integrated Facility Management Services we have proved our skills spanning every available frontier in these areas. Customized and professional end-to-end solutions in Road Repairs, Waterfront and Backfill Management, Site Restoration and Installation of New Pipelines have won us resounding ovations and accolades from our customers.

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