Our Commitment to Safety

LGC has adopted a zero incident safety goal for each project based on the belief that all incidents and accidents are preventable. We have an established Health and Safety program structured around three main principles:

  1. The promotion of a strong safety organization supported by LGC executive     management, project management and supervisors, and each employee
  2. The implementation, enforcement and monitoring of proven plans and procedures
  3. The commitment and accountability of both individuals and management for continuous safety improvement

LGC objectively pursues our zero incident goal by stressing safe work practices through meetings, training programs, and surveillance to prevent incidents, protect employees and equipment, and provide a working environment free of hazards for our clients, employees, subcontractors, the public, and the environment alike. Our Health and Safety program, with comprehensive and detailed Safety and Health Plans and Accident Prevention Plans, has proven successful on more than 2,000 projects worldwide.

Our Safety organization is structured such that responsibility and authority is delegated to every level from the Corporate Health and Safety Manager to the laborer with an independent line of reporting, directly to our Executive Level.

All personnel assigned to each project have the individual authority and responsibility to ensure the safe performance of ongoing tasks. Since multi-task execution potentially affects all site personnel, any person (including subcontractors) has stop work authority regarding safety issues.

LGC project personnel receive OSHA safety and competent person training. All potential subcontractors on our projects are pre-qualified and evaluated according to their safety performance. This evaluation includes a review of OSHA 300 logs, a review of their written Health and Safety program, proof of insurance, and documentation on safety training and certifications.

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