LGC Global Economic Coalition Gives Back In a Big Way

As LGC Global  grows into a worldclass company, its principals have made a commitment to leave no person behind. In an effort to keep this commitment, they have created the LGC Economic Coalition (LEC), a nonprofit program designed to support at-risk, African- American males residing in Detroit, Highland Park and Hamtramck. The program supports men aged 18-35 who have been unable to secure viable employment and self-sufficiency. Many of them have encountered major barriers to success such as educational deficiencies, economic shortcomings and even incarceration. This program allows them the second chance that they and their families so desperately need. This innovative outreach initiative helps participants gain employment and interpersonal skills that are necessary for their success. They also are encouraged to complete their formal education, including enrolling in colleges and universities. Another unique feature of the LEC program is that those participating are matched with mentors, given classroom as well as paid job-skills training, and provided with viable jobs upon completion. The Coalition endeavors to secure the best interests, confidence and well-being of each enrollee. Every effort is made to match participants with motivated, interested, highly trained and skilled professional staff and mentors, inside and outside of the Coalition partnership.