Sewer Separation – CSO 4, Phase II, City of Dearborn, Michigan

Location: City of Dearborn, MI
Owner: City of Dearborn
Total Cost: $13 Million

The project includes furnishing of all labor, materials, appurtenances, shop drawing submittals, product data submittals and equipment as shown and detailed on the Plans and project specifications in accordance with Contract requirements.

The work includes (but not limited to): Excavation, disposal, grading, compacted backfill, trench bracing, concrete paving, reinforcing steel, miscellaneous iron, cold milling of asphalt surface, asphalt resurfacing, removal and/ or replacement of bituminous & concrete pavement, sidewalks, sidewalk ramps, curbs, aprons, conduit, under drains, sanitary sewer, storm sewer and water main construction, testing and disinfection of water main, television inspection of sewers, installation of drainage structures, gate valve structures, restoration and all necessary traffic control devices to maintain pedestrian and vehicular traffic as required and as directed by the City Engineer.

As part of LTC’s commitment to the development of the City’s local economy, the firm teamed up with a host of local and disadvantaged contractors, and hired and trained resident engineers and inspectors to participate in the oversight and execution of the work.

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