Dover AFB, DE

The project involved the complete engineering design and construction for the replacement of the Transformer at the North Substation, replacement/upgrade of the Water Pressure Boost Pumps for the potable water system, and a 1,000,000‐gallon Post  Tension Concrete Potable Water Storage Tank to meet AF standards.

This work included the following activities:

North Substation Transformer: The North Substation transformer was replaced with a new transformer rated at 15‐MVA at 65°C that provides an overall minimum rating of 15/20/25‐MVA. It has a load‐tap changing capability that eliminates the need for separate voltage regulators. A new 1,200 ampere main breaker was provided on the output of the transformer. As part of this project, a power coordination study was conducted.

Water Pressure Boost Pumps: Four pumps were replaced at the centralized pumping station at Building 610. Two primary pumps were replaced with 60‐hp‐drive motors that provide 1,400‐gpm and two smaller secondary pumps that use 40‐hp‐drive motors that provide 700‐gpm. The new pumps included soft‐start motor starters, premium efficiency motors and an integrated pump control system. Associated piping for each pump from the inlet gate valve up to and including the discharge check valve were also replaced.

An integrated, SCADA system for the booster pumps/motors and controls were installed. The SCADA system was integrated with the new pump control panel and sensors located within Building 610, the adjacent ground level storage tank and on the elevated water tank. The SCADA system will be able to support the future expansion of electronic monitoring and control aspects of the water system from wellhead to distribution points. The system also allows for the control of up to five well heads to be installed.

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