Great Lakes Water Authority

By October 22, 2020December 15th, 2020Projects

Emergency Refurbishment of Storm Pump #5 and #7

-To Provide Assistance With the Exchange Maintenance and Repair of Meters and Meter Interface Units (MIUs) Throughout the City of Detroit Correcting Exceptions Within the Automated Meter Reading System

– GLWA-CON-158

– Water Plant Production Flow Measurement and Related Facility Improvements

– Water Transmission Main Repair

– (Note – this was a subcontractor project)

– Facilities Maintenance Services Notice to Proceed/Contracting Officer Assignment

– Water System Improvements: Various Streets Throughout the City of Detroit

– Low Voltage Wiring

– Wholesale Water Meter Pit Rehabilitation and Meter Replacement

– Job Order Contracting Services (WRRF & CSOs, Water Plants)

– Leib Screening and Disinfection Facility HVAC Improvements

– Rehabilitation of Outfalls Phase 2

– Sewer Improvements for Cornerstone Village

– Schoolcraft Road 48 inch Water Transmission Main

– Facility Maintenance Services