Lajes Air Force Base

By April 22, 2021Projects


  • $19M MILCON project to upgrade an existing Type III hydrant fueling system at Lajes Air Base, Azores Islands, Portugal.  The scope included demolition, removal and replacement of 85k SF of airfield concrete, the existing Area 7 fueling facility and (14) 50k gallon UST’s.  Installation included 190k SF of new airfield concrete, 2 new 1.5M liter JP‐8 storage tanks, a new Type III fueling system with (5) 600 GPM pumps, a new pump house, 9 new hydrant pits, 2 new truck fill stands with a pantograph check‐out station, over 10.7k LF of 12” welded carbon and stainless steel fuel pipe, over 30 underground utility manholes and structures, over 1.6k LF of underground storm drainage piping and modification to 18 existing hydrants.