FCP Facilities in Iraq

FCP Facilities in Iraq

Working under a $70M contract from Weatherford Oil Tool Middle East Ltd., LGC is constructing a First Commercial Production (FCP) facility at the untapped Garraf oil field in southern Iraq.

The FCP is being constructed to receive, process, and transport 100 thousand barrels per day (KBPD) of crude oil. The facility will be the first step in production after the crude has been received from the well cluster.

Services provided include:

  • Engineering, procurement and construction of 8 storage tanks, including 3 crude oil tanks measuring 36m in diameter and 16m high
  • Design and installation of all foundations for the steel tanks involving placement of more than 2,1833m3 of concrete
  • Installation and commissioning of ATM flares, crude oil heaters, de-salters, fuel gas packages, and other processing packages.

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