Design & Built

Design & Built

Once the clients hire LGC Global they observe our Design/Build & Project Management Methodology and once satisfied, they tend to hire us over and over again in all locations globally. Our clients include many top Fortune 100 companies who have been with us over a span of more than 25 years.

Our Design/Build projects are some of our most successful projects till date. Having solid inputs right from the start, allow us to fully manage the project, ensuring that it stays well within the periphery of delivery timeline and budget.

Our method covers Scope, Schedule and the Spending Plan of a project. LGC Global works to build a clear and concise scope of work. Our scopes outline in detail each aspect of the technology solution. We work to clearly define the schedule based on key construction milestones. Our project managers work closely with the clients and general contractors to coordinate around key contingencies and maintain installation efficiencies.

We also team up with other experienced firms, with whom we have established strong relationships based on successful implementation of several projects. Not only do we have the understanding and the knowledge of how we work, it allows us to proactively communicate as a team, to better serve our clients. We also work with a number of high-end architects who specialize in different design styles. Whether your design needs are modern, wide-ranging, decorative, or purposeful, we’ll assemble a team that’s sure to transform your vision into reality.

When you take the benefit of our Design/Build services, you can simply relax knowing that your project is handled in one, comprehensive contract. This turn-key solution covers all aspects of design and construction management, without sacrificing on quality.

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