Lajes AFB – Portugal

The primary objective of this $19M MILCON project was the upgrade of an existing Type III hydrant fueling system at Lajes Air Base, Azores Islands, Portugal. The Base is strategically located midway between North America and Europe in the North Atlantic Ocean.

The USAF portion of the base is operated by the 65th Air Base Wing (ABW) of the US Air Forces in Europe (USAFE). From this location, they have pumped millions of gallons of mission critical jet fuel to maintain US military flight operations. The project included installation of the following:

  • 2 new 1.5‐million‐liter JP‐8 storage tanks with full contact aluminum honeycomb floating roof with double wiper seals
  • A new Type III fueling system with five 600‐gpm pumps with overall system capacity to deliver fuel at 2400gpm and issue filtration plus a generator to supply emergency back‐up power to the new system
  • New pump house, emergency generator building, and pantograph shelter building
  • 9 new hydrant pits
  • 2 new truck fill stands plus a pantograph check‐out station
  • Over 6500 linear feet of 12” welded carbon steel fuel pipe and over 4200 linear feet of 12” welded stainless‐steel fuel pipe
  • Over 30 underground utility manholes and structures
  • Greater than 1600 linear feet of underground storm drainage piping
  • Modification of 18 existing hydrants (including pneumatic and hydraulic dead man controls)
  • Demolition of existing Area 7 fueling facility and removal of fourteen 50,000‐gallon USTs
  • Removal and replacement of 85,143sf of concrete airfield pavement; placement of 189,983sf of new concrete pavement

The 2 new steel fuel storage tanks doubled the previous airfield storage capacity. The completed system is totally automatic, with a state‐of‐the‐art computer control system allowing the 65th ABW to continue their mission to “Fuel the Flight” in the global war on terrorism.