Oakwood CSO Control Facility and Pump Station

For years, Oakwood did not have a network of rain water escape channels, and a sharp downpour would invariably result in the area around the basement and the streets flooding up due to inadequate sewers.

Addressing these issues was not an easy task as the aggrieved residents had to be pacified and an immediate solution to the problems was on top priority for the DWSD. They placed us in the position of trust to complete the project of building a CSO Control Facility and a pump station so that environmental issues are taken care of and the effluent could be disposed off safely with larger capacity handling in place. Mandatorily, treated water was to be released through the CSO Control Facility.

We lived up to their expectations with a brilliant time based delivery once again. What happened in between was this – the construction of the Control and Odor Buildings, two 4.5 gallons capacity CSO Basins, providing a new effluent conduit, commissioning of state-of- the-art electrical and mechanical systems with instrumentation, building of internal roads, yard piping, boundary fencing, installation of gates and finally restoration of landscaping. The job was completed with minimal environment related changes. Not to undermine the role of the engineers who constantly kept a fixed eye on traffic control at the site.