We’ve been persistent in the pursuit of improvement throughout our organization, including developing ways to improve safety, quality, cost, communication and schedule. LGC Global recognizes all areas where waste can pop up, and how improvements can be made.

We’ve learned a lot after being in the construction business for several years. Plan twice, Implement once. Don’t re-invent the wheel. When you fine-tune a process that works, stick with it.

Through years of hard-work, we have developed and enhanced extraordinary project, time and cost management skills. These permeate all the levels of the organization; from the most experienced managers to the newest of our employees. You can have confidence in our ability to keep work on time and within budget.

LGC Global understands the individual needs and requirements of every project and work hand in hand with architects, engineers, and general contractors to ensure proper materials and techniques are utilized in each project.

Throughout the construction process, we offer additional services, consultation, and guidance on items such as: LEED Certification Pursuance, Progress Monitoring, Change Order Management, Labor Relations, Self-Perform, Ongoing Quality and Safety Programs. A highly collaborative approach, integrated project delivery (IPD) assembles a team at the earliest stage of a project. Enhanced by technology, we are able to dramatically reduce risk and gain efficiencies for the owner. We serve as both a construction manager and general contractor, employing a large number of skilled craftsmen and trades.

From urban centers to remote, environmentally sensitive, war zone locations, from mass transit terminals to water treatment plants, from concert halls to ports, from power plants to stadiums, from natural gas refineries to super-tall commercial and residential towers, LGC Global builds, expands and modernizes nearly every building, critical system, and key infrastructure type that comprises the modern urban environment, truly building a better world.

Our heavy civil group work includes interstates/freeways, interchanges, bridges, tunnels, intelligent transportation systems, and operation and maintenance of toll roads.

We design, construct, and provide construction management, vehicle procurement, and operation and maintenance of water & waste water systems.

In the water resources and hydropower markets, we design, construct, and manage plant startup and the testing of hydroelectric, water supply, irrigation, drainage facilities, and hydraulic structures.

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