Decommissioning & Closure

Each decommissioning project involves unique challenges that need to be solved safely, quickly and at a price that represents value for money. More than 25 years of experience enable us to advise on the best methodology to provide a solution to a particular challenge.

Once an operation is concluded, LGC Global helps the client to bring the facilities / sites to a successful close. This is accomplished in accordance with a Decommissioning Closure Plan. LGC Global provides a comprehensive portfolio of services for the decommissioning of any facility, from project planning through waste disposal and cleanup.

The phases of management for closure of the proposed facility includes the following services:

Asset Recovery and Evaluation, Deactivation, Decontamination, Decommissioning and Demolishment, Environmental Remediation, Industrial and Nuclear Waste Removal, Pipeline Removal, Reclamation, Site, Assessments, Structure and Facility Demolition, Waste Treatment and Disposal.

LGC Global’s skilled experts apply rigorous safety procedures that enable effective and responsible solutions to projects at large complex sites. LGC Global’s professionals have prepared facility closure plans for over 25 years, all designed to meet the requirements of County, State, and Federal agencies including Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR 40).

LGC Global can design, implement, and manage facility closure activities for virtually any RCRA and non-RCRA site.  These activities can include demolition, decontamination, additional site characterization, renovations, waste disposal, and asbestos and lead-based paint surveys and abatement.

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