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Building A Better Tomorrow, Today…

We help our Client’s achieve their innovative visions of growth by building and maintaining world-class critical infrastructure in government, municipal and commercial markets. We leverage 3 decades of experience and expertise, while implementing new technologies and approaches for improved efficiencies and safer work environments.

We are one of the fastest-growing federal, municipal and facility management contracting companies in the US. LGC has delivered over $1B of successful projects in general infrastructure construction, freshwater and wastewater infrastructure development and maintenance and facility management solutions.

Some of Our Clients

Practicing Safety First, Last and Always

We implement innovative technology, tools and practices to ensure a safe, productive and collaborative work environment.  Safeguarding our employees and partners through industry-best safety practices is our top priority.

Delivering Innovation and Excellence

We deliver innovation and excellence by leveraging our world-class leadership’s broad experience.  We come up with new solutions to address new challenges.

Practicing Safety First, Last and Always

We have a true passion and love for our community, so we share our prosperity to help build a better tomorrow.  We lead by example through our extensive community involvement, our company mentorships and give-back programs.

Embracing Diversity & Inclusion

We embrace and deeply value a culture of diversity, collaboration and inclusion, which in turn harnesses and delivers the best in everything we do.

A Visionary’s Journey To Build A Better Tomorrow

Chairman & CEO

Avinash Rachmale, PE

Avinash Rachmale knows how to grow a successful business, as evidenced by his journey and numerous achievements over the years. He has now grown his current business, LGC Global, Inc., a multifaceted minority-owned general contracting company headquartered in Detroit, to a multi-billion dollar business. But unfortunately, growth can sometimes come with a price and he carries his lessons-learned from growing too fast. Avinash saw firsthand what happens when a business owner no longer oversees day-to-day operations – and now, he is more experienced because of it – and subsequently, LGC Global, Inc. is thriving because of his experiences to get “here”.

Never losing focus of his dreams, Avinash relocated from India to Detroit in the late 80’s and put himself through college to earn a master’s de­gree in civil engineering from Wayne State University in 1988. Taking another big step towards realizing his dreams, he founded Lakeshore Engineering Services in 1994, where his one-man company assessed, cleaned and replaced underground fuel storage tanks at roughly 200 service stations across the area. “I didn’t have a lot of money in those earlier days, but I had a burning desire to own a business”, said Avinash. “I leased a truck, rented the equipment, and to grow, I went back to my roots at Wayne State University and hired students. From there, I was eventually certified as a minority business in 1998, and that opened up new opportunities.” Those new opportunities eventually led to prestigious performance awards and recognitions, in which he received the Michigan District Office Minority Small Business Person of the Year Award in 2005, as well as being inducted into the Engineering Hall of Fame at Wayne State University in 2006. He wrapped up 2009 with a shining tribute to his success when he was presented with the US Small Business Administrative Entrepreneur Success Award from President Barrack Obama. Lakeshore Engineering Services continued to grow rapidly, and in 2010, Avinash’s company reported $624M in annual revenue. In the same year, his company received several more local and national awards, to include:

1. 5000’s Top Construction Companies
2. 5000’s Fastest Growing Private Companies in America
3. 5000’s Top 100 Companies
4. Crain’s Detroit Business Top 10 Defense Contractors
5. Government Executive’s Top 200 Federal Contractors

To further compliment his company’s growth, in 2010, Lakeshore Engineering Services ac­quired TolTest, Inc. and became Lakeshore TolTest, which would presumably open even more doors and further expand the company’s capabilities. The company continued on its upward trajectory and received even more coveted awards in 2011, to include:

1. Federal Time’s Top Contractors Federal Government Top Providers
2. Crain’s Detroit Business Largest General Contractors
3. Federal Time’s Top Contractors for Federal Government Office Buildings

But then, the company began to move in the wrong direction and Avinash recognized this trend. Demonstrating his typical leadership, Avinash tried to stimulate positive movement and course-correct the situation by selling company stakes to private equity firms, which cleared a path for a new CEO to come on board. The company then moved their headquarters to Chicago, and Avinash became chairman emeritus while focusing his leadership primarily on the Detroit operations. The situation continued to decline the further Avinash was removed from the overall company’s control. Then the unthinkable occurred, “The new team performed poorly and they finally had to close the business.” Rachmale further said, “I’ve been through rags and riches, and what I’ve learned is that if you want to grow a company, you need to control it.”

Like a phoenix rising up from the ashes, in 2012, Avinash did just that – he started over and built his new company LGC Global, Inc. to become the successful and sustainable business it is today. “And now, we’re almost back to where we were (in terms of 2010 annual revenue), and the way we came back was by focusing on our core values, hiring great talent, fostering our subcontractor and vendor relationships, implementing innovation and supporting our clients,” said Avinash.

Even with his company’s current success and strong national presence, Avinash still remembers his roots and is always looking for opportunities to give back to Detroit. For example, Avinash said, “there’s a need for thousands of apartments in Detroit, so we’re developing residential and commercial projects and we’re re­building infrastructure locally.” Recently, Mr. Rachmale demonstrated additional community leadership by creating a $1M endowment to Wayne State University to support the education of disadvantaged students and also announced plans to build a new $4M (5,500 SF) Engineering Lab at the University as well.

With the realism of an aging infrastructure across America, coupled with the growing need for facility management, LGC Global Inc. has focused its business around these markets to support clients with value-added solutions. Possessing decades of experience and knowledge, LGC delivers world-class infrastructure and facility management projects with ensuing client-satisfaction. LGC concentrates on building sustainable and clean, while empowering and nurturing its employees to excel to become a best-in-class service provider in these markets.

In conclusion, Mr. Rachmale said, “we’re now focused on a future that’s under our control. It’s been a long road back, but we’re successful again.”

Delivering Successful Projects Nationally

White Sands Missile Range

DWSD: Oakwood CSO Control Facility

Shoreline Protection: Pedestrian Walkway

Facility Management:  Healthcare Group

Our Office and Project Locations

Career Opportunities

An Equal-Opportunity Employer Who Invests In Our Employees


LGC Global is an equal-opportunity employer who invests in our employees.  We have created an organization-wide culture of diversity, inclusivity, transparency and collaboration.  We train our employees and provide them opportunities to grow vertically and horizontally – we help them diversify their portfolio of skillsets.  We prioritize a strong safety culture that utilizes modern tools and processes, coupled with an extremely supportive leadership team that provides mentorship along one’s journey.  Join our winning team today!


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Sub Contractors

A Strong Reputable Brand Nationally, with Valued Market-Standing, Reliability & Credibility


LGC Global possesses a strong brand that is recognized nationally.  We have a valued market-standing across our Federal, Municipal and Facility Management businesses.  Subcontracting with us provides peace of mind in the areas of safety, inclusivity, transparency and collaboration.  When you subcontract with us, you are a valued member of our team with shared goals.  Join our winning subcontractor family today!


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Mentorship, Teaming & Partnering Opportunities

A Safety-Conscious, Trusted Partner & Mentor – Open to Engagements & Opportunities


Backed by our strong brand and reputation, LGC Global is a trusted general contractor across the nation.  We provide company mentorship programs and embrace teaming and partnering opportunities.  We put safety first and believe in the power of long-term collaborative relationships.  Join our successful mentorship, teaming and partnering family today! 


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Supplier Opportunities

We Work With Trusted, Reliable, Industry-Leading Suppliers


We grow our existing supplier relationships and foster new ones.  We’re always open to new quality-focused material, equipment and vehicle suppliers to add value to our organization and the work we do.  Join our family of suppliers today!


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